05 May 2022

Products that DO NOT flow well from a JACKY® Bin

So, you’re asking yourself “is a JACKY® Bin going to be a good option for transporting and handling my goods?” And “can they hold and dispense absolutely anything? Or are there some products that simply don’t flow well from a standard JACKY® Bin?”


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These are great questions, and they’re really important questions too because a JACKY® bin is a long-lived investment, and you want to make sure it’s going to do everything you need it to do before you part with your brass.

Let’s start by having a quick look at what a standard JACKY® is designed to do, then we’ll go into more detail about which products do and don’t flow well from these bins.

What are JACKY® Bins designed to do?

The JACKY® range has been developed by practical people for practical people - our products are designed to meet your everyday storage and handling needs, minimize risks, and maximize efficiency when it comes to dealing with a wide range of dry granular goods.

The shape of the bin facilitates an even and simple discharge of the contents: the smooth internal surfaces and steep run slopes encourage the even flow of product. And because there are few internal ledges, the bin can be 100% evacuated and easily cleaned.

Each JACKY is supplied with a 300mm discharge chute to minimize wastage and make dispensing product just that much easier.

To minimize the risks associated with lifting bulk dry goods, each JACKY® bin is mounted inside a galvanized, forkliftable frame. This allows for the safe storage and handling of the bin by one person.

So, what kinds of products are JACKY® bins designed for?

JACKY® bins have been specifically designed for handling a large range of regular shaped dry and granular products in a wide variety of industries – here’s some examples…..

In the rural setting they’re perfect for storing and dispensing:
  • Grains - wheat, barley, oats, pulses, sorghum… there’s a list as long as your arm of grains grown in Australia, and they all flow well from a JACKY® bin
  • Pellets - sheep, cattle, pigs, poultry… any type of feed pellets can be discharged simply and safely
  • Urea / Blended Fertilizers - JACKY® bins are perfect for storing carting and dispensing all types of granular and blended fertilizer products
  • Seed - perfect for transporting and dispensing seed, and easy to clean out between loads to avoid cross-contamination
In the food industry, JACKY® bins have been purchased for storing and dispensing a wide range of products including:
  • Coffee beans - about 19 million Aussies drink coffee, which means processing and handling many, many tonnes of coffee beans every year! JACKY® bins are being used every day in this process.
  • Cereals & grains – JACKY Bins are commonly found in breweries and distilleries for handling and storing grain
  • Flour & Cocoa - for many manufacturers, efficiency is key when dealing with large quantities of ingredients
  • Confectionary - JACKY® bins are excellent for storing and dispensing handle large quantities of confectionary – e.g. chocolate coated nuts
  • Vegetable processing – containment and storage of chopped products
And in the industrial world, we have customers using them to cart, store and dispense product such as:
  • Gravel / Dry Sand - the shape of the JACKY® bin facilitates a smooth, even flow of finely crushed rock and sand
  • Cement powder – a great way to store and dispense small amounts of cement powder
  • Spent ammunition shells - JACKY® bins are used for transporting and unloading spent ammunition shells
  • Recycled plastic - in Australia, recycling is a big deal and JACKY® bins are being used to transport and dispense materials in the recycling process
  • Wood chips - provided the chips are dry and small, they flow well from a JACKY® bin

What type of products DO NOT flow well from a JACKY® bin?

While JACKY® bins have become an integral part of goods handling across a huge range of industries, there are some things that they simply don’t work for.

The discharge outlet is a fixed size, with the biggest standard outlet size being 300x250mm, so obviously items larger than this simply won’t fit through.

Also, even though the base of the bin has a 40°run slope, a product that ‘clumps together’, is damp or is very light will NOT dispense well from a JACKY® bin.

If you are handling and dispensing these products, a JACKY bin won’t be your best friend:
  • Compost - it’s too soggy and it clumps together, meaning it simply won’t flow well through the discharge outlet
  • Damp Sand - this doesn’t ‘flow’ anywhere, and definitely won’t dispense well from a JACKY® bin
  • Large Stones / Large Woodchips - big, irregular-shaped items are likely to jam up the outlet, rather than flowing smoothly. Also, as mentioned before, the outlet size is 300x250mm so anything bigger than that simply can’t be discharged
  • Chaff and cottonseed - too light, too irregularly shaped. Ask about our customised ‘chaff outlet’ design for these types of products.
  • Sawdust and shavings - JACKY® bins aren’t always a good option when handling products like sawdust – it tends to bridge and hang in the bin.

Will my JACKY® bin come with a lid?

Yes. Your JACKY® bin will be supplied with a lid unless otherwise noted making it weather resistant and protecting the contents from external contamination.

Can I get my JACKY® bins numbered?

Yes. You can order your bins with serial numbering and/or custom branding to make tracking and easier. Please contact the team to discuss options and pricing for this.

How Can I tell how full my JACKY® bin is?

The standard JACKY® range is rotomoulded using faint green translucent polymer, which means that you can see the level of the product through the wall of the bin. Of course, you can always lid the lid to look inside too, if you want to be 100% certain!

How much will my JACKY® bin cost?

The price of your bin will depend on the size of the unit you require. But as a general guide, for a bin that will hold approximately 1 tonne of most products, you can reasonably expect to pay somewhere in the order of $3200 - $4200, including GST*. This is pricing includes the poly hopper bin, galvanized steel frame, discharge chute and lid.

*Accurate at time of publication

At Orion Australia, we’re passionate about supplying products that make a real difference to everyday activities. The JACKY® bin has been tried and tested by Australians in nearly every industry across the country, and they’re loved by farmers and manufacturers everywhere.

Want to know more about JACKY® bins? Call us today on 1800 752 784 or flick us an email here, and one of our team members will be in touch soon.