20 May 2022

Orion Australia
vs Tankworld Tasmania

So, you’ve heard of a few poly rainwater tank manufacturers in Tasmania? Yes, you’ve seen different profiles of tanks, and you’re wondering who does what, and what the main differences are between their products?

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Perhaps you’re keen to know what else these rotomoulders produce - what other products are they selling, and where are these products used?

Before we go any further, please let us thank you for asking! Orion Australia is one of a few poly rainwater tank manufacturers in Tasmania, and we’re only too glad to tell you about our own products and those of the other rotomoulders in the state as well.

In this article we’ve chosen to compare our product range and that of Tankworld Tasmania. So, let’s dive in for a short (and hopefully informative!) comparison right here:


Who are Tankworld Tasmania?

Tankworld have been manufacturing water tanks in Tasmania (initially fibreglass tanks, then later poly tanks) for over 20 years. They are 100% Australian owned and operated, and have two retail outlets, one in Glenorchy and one in Kings Meadows.

Pool and Spa World is a Tankworld affiliated business, with outlets operating in Launceston and Hobart.

About Tankworld Rainwater Tanks

Tankworld Tasmania manufacture poly rainwater tanks in a large range of sizes and in several profiles. Their round tanks range in size from 590ltr to 24000 ltr, with some sizes available in both the classic corrugated and a smooth sided profile. Their slimline range includes 4 sizes, ranging from 1575ltr to 3000ltr.

Tankworld tanks are well-known in Tasmania - all tanks are made using UV resistant polyethylene and manufactured in accordance with strict Australian standards. The company offers a free state-wide delivery service and a 10-year warranty on all poly rainwater tanks.

What Else Does Tankworld Manufacture?

Tankworld’s product range isn’t limited to rainwater storage. In fact, their product range also includes the following:

  • Raised garden beds
  • Stock water troughs
  • Septic tanks
  • Firefighting cubes and tanks

In addition to this, they also sell a diverse range of pumps for both domestic and industrial situations, and a long list of tank accessories to make water collection and storage simpler and safer.

What else does Tankworld Manufacture

About Orion Australia

Orion Australia has been manufacturing a range of rotomoulded polyethylene products for many years now, since 1998 to be precise! The company is 100% Australian owned and operated, and employs over 20 staff at their Tasmanian manufacturing facility from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures.

Focussed. Innovative. Passionate.

At Orion Australia, we’re focused on our clients. We listen. We learn. We care. And we develop products to make everyday tasks easier, safer, and more efficient. We’re passionate about finding solutions, overcoming challenges, and working with our customers to provide lasting solutions.

We are a wholesaler, and our products are available from all reputable farm suppliers and plumbing stores in Tasmania and interstate.

Orion Australia’s Product Range

Orion Australia’s product range includes the following:

  • Poly rainwater tanks
  • Steel rainwater tanks
  • Jacky® Bins & accessories
  • Slick feeders and animal troughs
  • Bloo septic tanks
  • Procon industrial bins

From rainwater storage to industrial hoppers and septic tanks, our product range spans across a wide range of industries. In fact, our products are now being used in all of the following scenarios:

  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Dry goods processing
  • Recycling
  • Mining and exploration
  • Abattoirs and meat processing plants

All poly products are manufactured using UV stabilized polyethylene and Australian steel. Wherever possible we use local suppliers and trades because we believe in supporting local industry at every opportunity.

Now, who is Orion Australia?

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Service Guaranteed

At Orion Australia, we offer that peace of mind that only comes with purchasing a quality product. Sure, our rainwater storage tanks come with a comprehensive product warranty, but it’s more than that - we offer good, old-fashioned after sales service too, and free delivery state-wide.

Want to know more about us or other tank manufacturers in Tasmania? We’d be only too glad to hear from you, so reach out to us here or phone us on 1800 752 784 for a chat with one of our team.