21 January 2020

Which is better, a concrete or plastic rainwater tank?

Orion polymer water tanks come in a range of colours and can be matched with many Colorbond colours.

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When choosing a rainwater tank, there are many things you need to consider. What your water storage tank is made from is just one of them, but it affects many others. Like: price, durability, ease of install and how easy it is to maintain.

Two of the most popular water tank materials are plastic (also called poly) and concrete.

There are several things to consider when deciding which material your tank should be made from.

How does the water tank look?

Does your water tank blend into its environment? Orion polymer water tanks come in a range of colours and can be matched with many Colorbond colours. Greens and earth tones can blend with plants in your garden or the trees around you if you"re out in the bush.

Ease of water tank install

Plastic rainwater tanks are easy to install. They are much lighter than concrete water tanks which makes them easier to handle. Poly water tanks don"t need to be installed with a crane like concrete tanks do, greatly reducing the cost of installation. It"s also much easier to move a poly tank if you want to change its location down the track.

Durability of the water tank

Orion"s plastic rainwater tanks are made from food-grade, UV stabilised, polyethylene which makes them tough and durable.

Our water thanks are single piece moulded, giving them added durability over other plastic rainwater tanks. This allows them to stand toe-to-toe with concrete tanks when it comes to toughness.

Maintenance of water tank

Concrete tanks tend to crack over time which leads to leaks. Concrete water tanks need to be checked regularly for signs of cracking. Concrete tanks can result in leaching of lime and/or calcium into the drinking water and can leave a strange taste.

Orion poly water tanks don"t crack or rust. Our polyethylene water tanks are much easier to clean than their concrete counterparts.

Price of the water tank

Plastic rainwater tanks are much more cost-effective compared to concrete tanks. From purchase price, installation and maintenance, plastic rainwater tanks are the smart choice for your back pocket.

The best choice for most situations

When compared to concrete, plastic tanks are longer-lasting, more durable and cheaper. They blend in well with the natural environment.

The Orion water tank range also includes tanks particularly designed for firefighting for bush fire season! You can find our full range on the website.