04 October 2019

Easiest AND Fastest Installation Time - BLOO Septic Tanks!

Here are some installation tips for challenging areas that require a BLOO Septic solution.

Bloo Septic Tanks

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At Orion, we know Septic Tanks, which means we also understand the many frustrations that can occur when installing a tank. In some instances, accessibility to remote locations makes for a challenging installation, particularly if you have to lug a 4-tonne concrete tank through the bush. In these situations, using a big truck to transport your tank isn"t always an option!

We have strategically designed and manufactured in Australia, the perfect transportable Septic Tank for those inaccessible locations to make your life easier. Whether it"s a remote location or a beach house that is hidden within protected areas, it can be done with BLOO Septic Tanks! Our Septics are the innovative sewerage and wastewater system solution! Saving you time and money.

Here are some installation tips for challenging areas that require a BLOO Septic solution.

  • Use a small excavator to dig a hole for your BLOO Septic Tank. If you are digging in a rocky area, the low profile of the BLOO Septic Tank is ideal ' the less rock you have to move, the better!

  • We also believe that an Orion BLOO Tank can be lifted by four strong personnel if the excavator deems to challenging for the area. Get your mates together and save the headache!

  • We have thoughtfully designed lifting lugs on the top of each septic tank for ease and convenience. All you have to do is adjust your strops and lower!

We can guarantee that your Septic Tank will be transported to your desired location and installed simply, without any tree falling or helicopter required!

  • Swap concrete to robust plastic design.

  • Swap big trucks for a small excavator.

  • Swap the headaches with an early knock off!

    Enquire about BLOO Septic Tanks today and ask our friendly team to find your closest supplier.