04 October 2019

Why is rainwater better for the garden than tap water?

Have you ever wondered why the corn cobs from the famous McCains ad all those years ago was so juicy and delicious? It was because of the rainwater!


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"Marge, the rains are here!"

There are many reasons why a rainwater tank is beneficial for a household, but did you know that your grass and crops prefer drinking and soaking up rainwater over tap water?

It's true. And here's why!

Nitrogen (N) is good for plants!

It's often thought that thunderstorms are bad for gardens with the heavy rainfall and wind that often comes hand in hand. But in actual fact, the nitrogen that comes with the storms is extremely beneficial for many reasons. According to research, Australian soil is very low in nitrogen which is a gas, therefore when it rains the purity of the water has huge benefits to the soil having a domino effect on plants and other growing species.

Another important role of nitrogen is that it plays a crucial role in producing ammonia which is used to make fertiliser!

Rainwater is completely absent of any chemicals in comparison to tap water.

Rainwater is all-natural! Chemicals that appear in tap water can potentially interfere with the living organisms in soil and plants stunting growing potential and overall health. It's also known as 'soft water' being clean and chemical-free.

One example of an unnatural chemical that is found in tap water is fluoride which is a word you may have heard at the Dentist! Fluoride is used as an additive to protect teeth and reduce the risk of cavities, unfortunately, our plants generally don"t like this as much as our teeth!

Sodium (Na) is also found in tap water which also has a negative effect on plants, grass and crops as it can have the ability to harm soil, and create cracks and causes dispersion.

A rainwater tank is better for your wallet..

Save water and save money in the long run by installing a rainwater tank to store all that natural goodness!

There are many other things that rainwater can be used for including:

  • Washing cars

  • Watering your pot plants

  • Filling up your pool/spa

  • Washing the dog

  • Drinking water!

  • Flushing the toilet

  • Washing machine and hand washing

Next time you decide to water your plants, give grass seeds a helping hand or are trying to grow a new herb don't forget to utilise rainwater, from your Orion rainwater tank!

Thanks for the handy tip McCains!

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