Transverse Tine Pocket Kit

Transverse Tine Pocket Kit

A popular option especially for side-discharge bins, transverse tine pockets enable the user to pick up the JACKY Bin from all four sides.

(Picture is indicative, actual set-up will differ according to the model of JACKY Bin)


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The addition of transverse tine pockets along with the standard tine pockets maximises the versatility of your investment, as the discharge from the bin can be directed to the left, right or straight ahead depending on how the bin is lifted.


  • Standard size 150 x 100mm RHS
  • Mounted transverse to normal tine pocket direction
  • Spacings set the same on both pairs of tine pockets, i.e. 830mm centre spacings standard. Other spacings available by special request.

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My wife and I purchased tanks 12 months ago from Orion. The whole experience was great the service Price and delivery.

Not mention the high quality tanks!

Highly recommended Orion.

Chris Hamod

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