21 June 2021

Introducing the Slick Feeder - a game changer for farmers!

The new Slick Feeder by Orion Australia has just launched and is the first animal feeder of its kind in the country!

Slick Feeders

Slick Feeder sunset

Orion Australia have been supplying quality agricultural products to farmers around Australia for decades. Innovation and investment in new product development have always been a key focus of ours, and our latest product is no exception.

The new Slick Feeder by Orion Australia has just launched and is the first animal feeder of its kind in the country!

Before now, this type of feeder has been manufactured from steel, resulting in unavoidable degradation due to rust, weather, and mistreatment from machinery and animals … this is until the Slick Feeder arrived!

The Slick Feeder takes animal feeding equipment to the next level!

To now be able to manufacture an animal lick feeder body as a one-piece poly moulding is a game changer; it removes any possibility of rust or weather wear and tear, and the proven strength of the polymer mouldings created by Orion ensures that the feeder body can withstand the roughest treatment and conditions that the Aussie countryside and its livestock can throw at it.

This product's incredibly robust, one-piece moulding provides excellent protection for your feed (no joins for leaks). The innovative feed adjustment system allows complete control of the feed discharge rate, and the accessibility to feed.

This product’s large tray catches any feed that may be flicked around by livestock, and an industrial-quality rubber weather flap diverts rain away from the feed area without restricting animal access. What more could a farmer want?

Unique features of the Slick Feeder:

  • Silky smooth internal surfaces; feed doesn’t hang or coagulate inside the feeder body, making for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Steep internal discharge slope; utilises every kilogram of feed, and ensures feeder is completely emptied.
  • Fully adjustable feed control system; ensures complete control of the feed rate.
  • Slide-on lid design; easy to operate and provides an unparalleled level of weather resistance, keeping the feed dry inside.
  • Excellent weather protection; includes a flexible weather skirt along the entire length of the feeder tray and tray end panels that keeps feed dry.
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel frame; manufactured from sturdy Australian-made steel, designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the Aussie countryside.

Check out the video below to see the new Slick Feeder in action:

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