27 July 2021

Dairy Calves
Dig Into Slick Feeder

Check out the Slick Feeder in action, feeding a herd of content Dairy calves on a farm in Tasmania.

Slick Feeders

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Simply summarised, the Slick Feeder is a dual-sided poly animal lick feeder made to withstand the harshest Aussie farm conditions; it's designed to keep feed as fresh and as dry as possible for livestock, with little-to-no maintenance required by farmers. As well as cows, the Slick Feeder is perfect for feeding grain, pellets, and other feed mixes to a wide variety of livestock, from sheep to horses and pigs.

One ‘game changing' aspect of the Slick Feeder that farmers are loving is the fully adjustable feed access system, allowing for complete control over feed rate. The product's feed regulator plates allow total control over both feed volume and livestock accessibility to the feed. Plus, the removable lick restrictor plate divides the feed area into small sections, preventing animals scooping or flicking feed out of the feed area – witness it for yourself in the short video clip below!

Made by Aussie farmers, for Aussie farmers…

The Slick Feeder was first introduced in May this year at Tasmania’s prestigious AGFEST event, and since then, local farmers who have been the first to adopt the product prototype are loving it!

“From our discussions so far with farmers and landowners, the Slick Feeder product has been very well received,” says Dale Cox, Director at Orion Australia. “An impressive thing about Australian farmers is their eagerness for innovation and willingness to try new concepts; that’s what keeps them at the forefront of the agricultural game,” Mr Cox says.

Mr Cox also emphasises that one of the keys to the Slick Feeder’s success is that it’s been crafted by Aussie farmers, for Aussie farmers. “A lot of time and effort has gone into the design and engineering of this product. It was very important to us to get it right in the design phase; listening to farmers and getting their input from the very beginning (and at every stage of the product’s evolution thereafter), has been absolutely critical to us,” says Mr Cox.

The Slick Feeder is valued at $3,289 (incl. GST) and is now available Australia-wide through any good rural merchandise store.

Contact us at Orion Australia today to find out how you can get your hands on one!